The Town of Marathon approved By-law 1463 regulating open air burning in the Town of Marathon. Under this by-law, a permit may be approved for open fires if it meets certain criteria.

Burning Permits can be obtained online or at the Town Office during regular business hours.

Residential Burn Permit

Commercial Burn Permit


Any person who starts a fire outdoors is required to ensure that all conditions allow the fire to burn safely from start to extinguishment, take all necessary steps to tend the fire, keep the fire under control, and extinguish the fire before leaving the site.

Remember: failure to comply with any requirements may lead to charges and you may be liable for all fire suppression costs.

Burn Permit Regulations

To obtain a burning permit, applicants must understand and agree to abide by the following restrictions:

  • At no time will any materials be ignited or allowed to burn if wind conditions are such that burning embers, ash, particles or smoke are, or could pose a threat or inconvenience other persons or properties.
  • No material will be ignited or allowed to burn unless said materials are at least 6 meters (19.5 feet) (or the distance specified by the fire department) from any structure, or other combustible materials including the brush line.
  • From the time of ignition until complete extinguishment an adequate number of adult supervisors will be at the location to monitor and control the fire. They will also be responsible to ensure that the area is secure so as to protect the safety of minors.
  • Immediately prior to ignition, and during the fire, there will be adequate tools and supplies (water, shovels, sand, etc.) on site for the control and extinguishment of the fire. The fire department can advise the applicant of the appropriate type and amount required.
  • At no time will the fire be allowed to reach a size that is1 meter square in size, or could be beyond the reasonable capability of the applicant/supervisor to control and extinguish.
  • No more than 0.5 litres of any flammable/combustible liquid may be used as an accelerant without specific written permission of the fire department and the ignition of said approved amount of accelerant must be supervised by the fire department.
  • The applicant and/or the corporation, agency, club or group represented by the applicant assumes full responsibility for: (a) any injuries to persons or damages to properties resulting from the fire or its products; and/or, (b) any costs incurred by the municipality, including wear or damages to equipment, to control or extinguish the fire and/or other fires caused by said fire or its products. The rate for service will be equal to, but not exceeding, the rates for fire equipment as established by the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.
  • All residual materials not consumed by the fire must be removed within twenty-four (24) hours from the time of extinguishment, stipulated in the permit, to a proper garbage receptacle or to a designated dump. Note: this residue must be completely extinguished and cool before removal.
  • No person shall burn or cause to burn any garbage, rubbish, refuse or household waste in an incinerator or fire pit that will cause noxious fumes.

For more information please contact the Emergency Services Department.

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