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Frequently Asked Questions

Who governs the Marathon Cemetery?

The Marathon Cemetery is owned and operated by the Town of Marathon; and is governed by municipal by-laws, provincial legislation and licensed by the Bereavement Authority of Ontario (BAO).

The BAO Consumer Information Guide provides information to make informed decisions about burial services at the Cemetery, as well as funeral and cremation services.

How do I make arrangements for burial services?

Contact the Cemetery Office at 807-229-1340 to request cemetery services.
What is the Care and Maintenance Fund?

The Care and Maintenance Fund is a mandatory trust fund created by the provincial legislation in 1928 to ensure upkeep of cemeteries.  A portion of the interment rights fee paid is invested in this fund and the income generated is used to maintain, secure and preserve the cemetery ground.  Services provided are: re-levelling and sodding or seeding of graves and grounds. 

What are the markers or monuments be made of?

All markers or monuments are to be made of bronze or natural stone (granite).  All other types of markers must be approved by the Cemetery Office.

The decorations I left at the grave is gone now.  Why was it removed?

Items may be removed if it is intruding on another plot or are deemed unsafe by the Cemetery maintenance staff or by the Cemetery Office.  Broken or unsightly decorations will be removed by staff.  The Cemetery Office has an obligation to provide a safe and visually pleasing environment for all who are visiting the cemetery grounds.

I would like to use candles or solar lights, is this okay?

Enclosed candles and plastic solar lights, up to a maximum of three are permitted when securely placed on either side of a monument.  Alternatively, candles or solar lights can be displayed on shepherd’s hooks on either side of the monument and must not be higher than the monument.
Can I have potted plants at the grave?

Yes, you can have potted plants but they must be in non-breakable containers and be removed prior to the winter season.

Can I plant shrubs or bushes around the grave?
Permission must be granted prior to planting any shrubs or bushes.  Only certain types of shrubs/bushes are allowed to be planted at the Cemetery.  Maintenance of personal shrubs/bushes are the responsibility of the Interment Rights Holder or the family.  If shrubs/bushes are not maintained, the Cemetery maintenance staff will remove them.  Contact the Cemetery Office at the Town Office for more information.

Can I put a border or edging around my loved ones grave?

To ensure maintenance is not hindered, borders or edging around a grave are not permitted.

Can I bring my pet to the Cemetery?

Please leave your pets, including dogs, at home when visiting the Cemetery.  Pets are not permitted.

Are Funeral Homes and Cemeteries separate businesses?

 Yes, the funeral home looks after the funeral service and the Cemetery looks after the interment, the burial, of your loved ones.

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