The Town of Marathon owns and operates the local boat launch into Lake Superior. Our boat launch area boasts spectacular views of Lake Superior and provides a great place for all kinds of outdoor recreation with access to walking trails, a kayak dock and picnic tables.

What are the current rates for boat launch permits?

Using the municipal boat launch is prohibited without a boat launch permit. 

Permits must be displayed in your vehicle window.

Permit Fees 
Daily $12.50
3 Days $26.25
Seasonal $75.00
Purchase Boat Launch Permit

 *Permits will be strictly enforced for Boat launch area.*

Etiquette & Best Practices

Just as in life, proper etiquette plays a big role in boating. Here are some do's and don'ts for a safe and courteous launch:


  • DO use the staging area
  • DO mount your navigation lights before approaching the ramp
  • DO respect the traffic lines
  • DO bring a friend
  • DO turn off your headlights while getting into position at the boat ramp


  • DON'T load or prep your boat in the ramp lane
  • DON'T socialize while at the ramp
  • DON'T hog the ramp
  • DON'T park your boat in the way of others trying to use the boat ramp
  • DON'T tie-up to other people's boats without first asking for permission
  • DON'T power load your boat back onto your trailer while at the ramp

Follow these boat ramp etiquettes and get ready to enjoy a nice relaxing day on the water! 







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