The Town of Marathon owns and operates the local boat launch into Lake Superior. Our boat launch area boasts spectacular views of Lake Superior and provides a great place for all kinds of outdoor recreation with access to walking trails, a kayak dock, kayak/canoe/paddleboard storage rentals, and picnic tables.

Boat Launch Permits - Docks installed by April 27, 2024

Using the municipal boat launch is prohibited without a boat launch permit. 

Permits are emailed to you immediately upon purchase and must be displayed in your vehicle window or available upon request.

For seasonal permits: temporary printable permits will be emailed to you immediately upon purchase. You will then have 14 days to pick up your mirror hanging permit from the Town Office which must be visible when utilizing the boat launch.

Slips are day use only - NO overnight docking permitted.

Permit Fees 
Daily $21.00
3 Days $49.75
Seasonal $137.25
Daily Commercial $50.00
Annual Commercial (Resident) $500.00
Annual Commercial (Non-Resident) $1000.00                                            

Pleasure Boat Launch Permit

Commercial Boat Launch Permit

 *Permits will be strictly enforced for Boat launch area.*

Etiquette & Best Practices

Just as in life, proper etiquette plays a big role in boating. Here are some do's and don'ts for a safe and courteous launch:


  • DO use the staging area
  • DO mount your navigation lights before approaching the ramp
  • DO respect the traffic lines
  • DO bring a friend
  • DO turn off your headlights while getting into position at the boat ramp


  • DON'T load or prep your boat in the ramp lane
  • DON'T socialize while at the ramp
  • DON'T hog the ramp
  • DON'T park your boat in the way of others trying to use the boat ramp
  • DON'T tie-up to other people's boats without first asking for permission
  • DON'T power load your boat back onto your trailer while at the ramp

Follow these boat ramp etiquettes and get ready to enjoy a nice relaxing day on the water! 







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