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Golf Club Storage Lockers 

Rental lockers will be available in the building located adjacent to the golf cart storage compound at a first-come first-serve basis.
There are 36 single lockers and 4 double lockers. 
Single lockers- $48.50
Double lockers- $78.75
Single Locker Purchase                                     Double Locker Purchase

Peninsula Golf Course

The Town of Marathon owns and operates the Golf Course. Peninsula Golf Course is a traditional-style course overlooking Lake Superior. It was built in 1952 by world renowned Canadian golf course architect Stanley Thompson.

Stanley Thompson, CGA, designed the Peninsula Golf Course, a beautiful, public 9-hole golf course.

Peninsula Golf Course is one of 178 golf courses that Mr. Thompson designed over his illustrious career. As it turned out it was also his final golf course design before he sadly passed away in January 4, 1953.

Learn more about Mr. Thompson at: The Stanley Thompson Society

With a licensed club house, rental equipment, and golf carts, you will find everything you need right here for a great day of golfing!

Memberships, Clubs and Fees

For a breakdown of green fees and rentals visit our Membership and Fees page.

Peninsula Golf Course is home to both a men's club and a ladies club as well as offering junior link's programs throughout the season!

 Men's Club
President: Dennis Green


PO Box 5

Marathon ON



Email Dennis


Peninsula men’s golf club hosts weekly men’s nights throughout the summer as well as many tournament to come and enjoy our beautiful golf course. 

Our Clubhouse

Our Clubhouse at Peninsula is open to the public, seven days per week. Golfers and non-golfers alike enjoy the comfortable setting and wrap around deck/patio. The patio allows for spectacular views of the golf course.

Our menu offers a range of items including sandwiches, hotdogs, fries, and items for sharing. We are a LLCBO licenced facility and offer a variety of beer, coolers and mixed drinks. 

Our Course

The contoured and tree-lined fairways are easy to walk and makes this challenging par 72 course appealing to players of all abilities. Although it only plays at 6300 yards from the back tees, the elevated greens make scoring a challenge. The walk ability of the golf course makes it appealing to everyone. We are also a junior friendly facility.

Hole 1

Hole 1 – Par 4, Back Tee's 363 Yards, Front Tee's 308 Yards

The first hole features a tee shot that entertains a blind landing area and welcomes you with a birdie chance. With a driver on the fairway you will have an iron shot to the green. The green is undulating and protected with a bunker on the left and right. Par is a good score considering the length of this starting hole.

Hole 2

Hole 2 – Par 4, Back Tee's 367 Yards, Front Tee's 330 Yards

The second hole features an uphill tee shot that entertains a narrowing landing area. If you can hit the fairway then it sets you up for an uphill approach shot to a green. It is recommended you land before the green and allow a bounce into the flag. The green has no bunkers protecting it so accuracy and shot length control are important for the approach shot.

Hole 3

Hole -3- Par 4, Back Tee's 393 Yards, Front Tee's 281 Yards

Considered the most difficult par 4 on the front nine, this dog leg right features a tee shot to a blind landing area. A power fade for a righty or a draw for a lefty is ideal. Along the right side of this hole is a water hazard and if you find your ball it will require a chip out to the middle of fairway with a short iron into this beautiful bowl shaped green. Even a good miss can result in getting a good bounce and end up near the hole and/or onto the putting surface. Par is a good score.

Hole 4

Hole -4- Par 3, Back Tee's 164 Yards, Front Tee's 138 Yards

On the first of two par 3´s, with a predominant cross wind from right to left, club selection is very important as the wind can make a difference of up to three clubs The green slants from left to right with various undulations. It is protected by water in the front and the two bunkers in the back will help save a shot that is hit too far. Ideally the shot is a fade for a righty and draw for a lefty. Depending on hole location it is the most difficult to putt. Players are happy with a two putt.

Hole 5

Hole -5- Par 4, Back Tee's 336 Yards, Front Tee's 299 Yards

This relatively short par 4 has a narrow landing area with most tee shots collecting into the right rough. The safe play is a long iron or hybrid off the tee to set you up for a short iron into the well protected, elevated false front green. It is protected by two bunkers (front left and right) and two bunkers (back left and right). There is little depth so accuracy and control is demanded. Again, a par is a good score on this hole.

Hole 6

Hole -6- Par 5, Back Tee's 444 Yards, Front Tee's 410 Yards

Off the tee you must watch for the fairway bunkers on the left and right, but it does allow for a generous fairway width. Even with a poor tee shot it can still provide you with a chance for a birdie. Your uphill second shot has to be accurate to avoid the fairway bunkers located approximately 40 yards short left and right of the hole. The green slopes back to front and has little depth.

Hole 7

Hole -7- Par 5, Back Tee's 544 Yards, Front Tee's 447 Yards

This hole has a dog leg to the right and the wind is usually in your face. From the back tees the landing area looks bleak, but the fairway opens up on the left side. Long hitters have a chance to reach the green in a couple shots. On the second shot it's best to lay up and avoid the two bunkers short left and right of the green. There are two bunkers located behind the green to collect any shots that end up long. The green is undulating and even the best putters have a difficult time reading the line of each putt.

Hole 8

Hole -8- Par 3, Back Tee's 124 Yards, Front Tee's 124 Yards

The second par 3, although short, is an equalizer. For better players it's a choice between scoring wedges but don't get overconfident as the green plays havoc with many great tee shots. It is protected by two large bunkers at the front and two behind that gather shots hit over the green.

Hole 9

Hole -9- Par 4, Back Tee's 355 Yards, Front Tee's 273 Yards

The finishing hole is a par 4 that features either an elevated tee shot from the front nine or what we term as “THE CHUTE” for the back nine. Both require an accurate tee shot to set you up for a mid-short iron into an elevated green. The green is surrounded by two large bunkers. The finishing green overlooks our beautiful Lake Superior. Bring your camera as it's the money shot and will keep you wishing there was more.

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