Vacant Properties

The following properties are available for development. Interested parties should develop a plan outlining their intentions for the property. Submitted proposals will be reviewed by Council. If successful, the developer will enter into an agreement with the Town.

Further questions can be directed to Chuck Verbo.

Residential Lots

Street Address Legal Description

13 Chisholm Trail 55M521 Lot 7

15 Chisholm Trail 55M521 Lot 8

19 Chisholm Trail 55M521 Lot 10

Chisholm Trail 55M598 Lots 1-9  [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

1 Gullwing Street 55M521 Lot 37

1 Pinewood Walk 55M521 Lot 60 [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

22 Pinewood Walk 55M521 Lot 49

2 Godfrey Drive 55M521 Lot 77

6 Godfrey Drive 55M521 Lot 75


Other Properties (including Evergreen Drive)

Street Address Legal Description

McCullough Street Lot 339 (next to 2 McCullough Street - northeast side)

3 McLeod Drive 55R8080 Part 2, Parcel 97 MF Aerial Photo [NO LONGER AVAILABLE]

85 Evergreen Drive 55R5740 Part 25 

86 Evergreen Drive 55R5740 Parts 42 & 43, Parcel 23235

87 Evergreen Drive 55R5740 Part 26; 55R8369 Part 1, Parcel 24438

91 Evergreen Drive 55R5740 Part 28, Parcel 21961

Chisholm Trail 55M598 Blocks 10-14 (ZONED MULTI-RESIDENTIAL)

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