Marathon Strategic Plan 2023-2026

This Strategic Plan not only identifies the Town of Marathon’s visions and goals for the municipality for the next four years, it is supported by strategies and action plans that will ultimately transform them into realities. The Plan is not only the Town of Marathon’s, it is representative of the entire community’s hopes and aspirations. It is the Corporation’s mission and values that will motivate our abilities and drive our commitment to action. Progress will be reported back to Council on a regular basis.

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Marathon Asset Management Plan 

An Asset Management Plan serves as a strategic, tactical and financial document, ensuring the management of the municipal infrastructure follows sound asset management practices and principles, while optimizing available resources and establishing desired levels of service.

A technically precise and financially rigorous asset management plan, as developed for the Town of Marathon, will mean that sufficient investments are made to ensure delivery of sustainable infrastructure services to current and future residents.

Download the Marathon Asset Management Plan - issued in 2013

Download the Strategic Asset Management Policy

Ontario Regulation 588/17

Road Resurfacing Guidelines

Road Evaluation done in 2022

Road Conditions (2022) in ascending order

Marathon Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan

Ontario Regulation 397/11 requires all broader public sector (BPS) organization, including municipalities responsible for water and sewage treatment and pumping operations to:

Report on their annual energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in designated buildings/facilities by July 1 beginning in 2013; and

Develop and implement 5-year energy conservation and demand management plans (CDM) by July 1, 2014

Download the Town of Marathon Energy Conservation & Demand Management Plan

Town of Marathon Active Living Centre Feasibility Study

he Town of Marathon’s current recreation complex is due for a capital replacement. As such, the Town of Marathon (the Town), and Consulting Team (True Grit Engineering, FORM Architecture Engineering and MNP LLP) have completed a study to evaluate the prospect of a new Active Living Centre and Recreation Complex (ALC). Quality of life and recreation are core community values of the Town. The development of a new Active Living Centre and Recreation Complex will be a key cog to the Town’s future. The facility itself must be sustainable, people-centric, cost-effective and functionally-efficient. Recreation centres create a stronger sense of community and provide gathering places for families and social groups; as well as individuals of all ages and economic status. The facility will provide residents with a better quality of life, increase property values and attract tourists, while contributing to the overall physical and mental health of the community. The ALC feasibility study consisted of a Best in Class review, three rounds of public consultation activities, site evaluations, architectural works, a preliminary financial plan, recommendations, and proposed next steps. The following report provides a high-level summary of the completed study.

Download the Town of Marathon Active Living Centre Feasibility Study

Download the proposed design plans

Download the Marathon Active Living Centre Presentation

Community Safety & Wellbeing Plan

The Community Safety and Well-Being (CSWB) process is complete and a CSWB Plan has been submitted to the Province.

Download the Community Safety & Wellbeing Plan

The Community Safety and Policing Act, 2019, S.O. 2019, c. 1, Sched. 1 Part XVI mandated every municipality across Ontario to prepare and adopt a Community Safety and Well-being Plan by July 2021. The new legislation required a CSWB plan that proactively addresses locally identified priority risks to community safety and well-being. Additional requirements are also outlined in the legislation pertaining to conducting consultations, contents of the plan, and monitoring, evaluating, reporting and publishing the plan.

The province has developed a Framework to guide municipalities in this work, which encourages a deeper understanding of four areas to ensure local plans are efficient and effective in making communities safer and healthier. These include Social Development, Prevention, Risk Intervention and Incident Response.


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