Photo Gallery: Works Facility Construction will appear here on the public site.


The Town of Marathon’s Works and Operations facility located on Penn Lake Road was identified in the 2016 – 2018 Corporate Strategic Plan as needing capital replacement.


 2 Penn Lake Rd.


 Construction scheduled to start May 2023


CGV Group low tender bid including Post Tender addendum      $10,478,200.00
Negotiated further savings between Owner and Contractor($339,510.00)
Reduced Cash Allowances    ($163,366.00)
Subtotal of Cost of Construction(Awarded to CGV)  $9,975,324.00
HST applied at Municipal Rate of 1.76%$175,565.70
Total Cost of Construction  $10,150,889.70
Architectural and Engineering Consulting Costs (CHAI)    $488,950.00
HST applied at Municipal Rate of 1.76%    $8,605.52
Total Project Cost    $10,648,445.22



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