Lawn & Grass Care

On May 8, 2023 Council adopted the Yard Maintenance By-Law 2057.  By-law 2057 repealed the former Yard Maintenance By-Law 1905, and includes the following regulations.

  • Grass and weeds cannot exceed a length of 20cm year round;
  • Residents are responsible for maintaining ditches in front of their properties;
  • The Town of Marathon will maintain ditches at the side of properties;
  • Gardens containing wildflowers are exempt provided they are in an area which is clearly defined from the lawn;
  • Every owner or occupant shall keep his/her residential property, grounds, yard or vacant land clear of garbage, waste material, refuse, or domestic waste;
  • Owners or occupants shall safely remove from residential property, grounds, yard or vacant land any dead, decayed or damaged trees, branches and limbs or other natural growth which creates or may create an unsafe condition in relation to their environment;
  • Every owner or occupant shall remove animal waste from their property so as to minimize significant accumulation.

The Yard Maintenance By-law allows Town of Marathon staff and contractors to access private property to remove grass and weeds which do not comply with the By-law. The cost for any removal can be charge back to the property.


Inoperative Vehicles/Boats/Trailers

No owner or occupant shall use land for the storage of inoperative motor vehicles, boats or trailers or parts thereof except in accordance with the following:

  • The inoperative motor vehicle(s), boat(s) or trailer(s) and/or parts are stored in an enclosed building; or
  • The inoperative motor vehicle, boat or trailer and/or parts are fully and completely covered with a canvas or similar opaque, weather-resistant tarpaulin in good repair, in which case no more than one (1) such covered vehicle shall be permitted in any yard;
  • The active restoration of not more than one motor vehicle, boat and/or trailer provided the vehicle(s) is located in a manner so as to be screened from view by neighbouring residents or from adjacent sidewalks and roadways.

Section 5 subsection (2) does not apply to the storage of motor vehicles, boats or trailers and parts which are reasonably necessary for the conduct of a bona fide business, lawfully conducted on the property.

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