The Town of Marathon is currently developing a Recreation Master Plan that will guide how we plan and implement recreational facilities and programs in our community.

Your community. Your recreation. Your voice.

This is an exciting opportunity for residents to be involved in the planning and development of recreation in Marathon. Over the next several months you will have the ability to participate in the project and have your voice heard.

Developing the Plan

We've broken the process down to 5 main phases:

 Visual Breakdown of 5 phases

Participate in the Plan

Throughout the development of the plan we will be reaching out for your input. Complete the survey to have your voice heard.

Survey available until November 30, 2021.


*Are you a user group or municipal stakeholder? Reach out to us to receive a specialized survey link.

Frequently Asked Questions:

 What is a Recreation Master Plan?
A Recreation Master Plan is a document that provides recommendations to assist in planning and delivery of parks, open space, recreation and facilities. The primary objective for the plan is providing infrastructure and programming options that will help facilitate an active lifestyle and improve the overall quality of life and wellbeing of Marathon residents and visitors.​
 Why does Marathon need a Recreation Master Plan?
A Recreation Master Plan provides a clear and concise framework that will be used to provide recommendations to Town Council and staff for sustainable future development, redevelopment, on-going maintenance and enhancement of Marathon's parks/natural environments, recreation facilities and recreation programs and services.
 How can I get involved?
The Town of Marathon will be asking residents for input throughout the entire development of the plan. Public engagement opportunities will be posted for residents to access, and at anytime a resident can contact the Community Services Department Manager for more information.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions please contact Serena Goodchild, Community Services & Communications Manager.

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