The Town of Marathon strives to make our community safe, healthy and enjoyable for everyone.

By-laws are created as a way to address issues and concerns of the community. They are created to protect the environment, public health, safety and to maintain a pleasant community for everyone.

Frequently Requested By-laws

All-terrain Vehicles (By-Law 1899)   Schedule B

Animal Care & Control (By-Law 1788)

Business Licencing (By-Law 1574)

Council Procedural (1941)

Fencing (By-Law 1975)

Firearms Discharge (By-Law 968)

Fireworks (By-Law 1650)

Lottery Licence (By-Law 1722)

Motorized Snow Vehicle (By-Law 1641)

Municipal Numbering (1918)

Noise Control (By-Law 1190)

Open Air Burning (By-Law 1463)

Property Standards (By-Law 1734)

Sign (By-Law 1109)

Taxi/Limousine (By-Law 2019)

Traffic & Parking (1885)

Watering By-Law (1560)

Waste Management (By-Law 1890)

Yard Maintenance (2057)

Zoning By-Law (By-Law 1873) Please note: s. 4.10 Fencing was removed and replaced with By-Law 1975

By-Law 1943 - Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT)

The Municipal Accommodation Tax is effective June 1, 2019 at a rate of 4%.

The tax applies to accommodation sold for a continuous period of less than 30 days in a hotel, motel, lodge, inn, bed and breakfast, dwelling unit or any place an accommodation is provided.

Amenity fees and service charges including meals, room incidentals, valet services or parking provided they are separately itemized on the invoice are not included in this tax. Hospitality rooms and meeting rooms that do not contain a bed are not considered accommodations.

The Municipal Accommodation Tax must be identified as a separate item or charge on each bill, receipt or invoice.

By-Law 1943

Municipal Accommodation Tax Return Form

Accommodation Information Establishment Form

By-Law 2057 - Yard Maintenance

On June 26, 2023 Council adopted the Yard Maintenance By-Law 2057 and includes the following regulations.

  • Grass and weeds cannot exceed a length of 20cm year round;
  • Residents are responsible for maintaining ditches on the front of their property;

This By-law allows Town of Marathon staff and contractors to access private property to remove grass and weeds which do not comply with the By-law. The cost for any removal can be charge back to the property.

Smoke Free Ontario Regulations

Smoke Free Ontario is a landmark piece of legislation that shields workers and the public from the harmful effects of tobacco and vaping by banning smoking and vaping in enclosed public places and enclosed work places.

Town of Marathon Policies

(Please note that this list is subject to change without notice)

Administration (AD)

0007   -      Employee Code of Conduct

0011   -      Municipal Naming/Renaming Policy

0017   -      Flag Use

0018   -      Accessible Customer Service

0021   -      Accessibility – Integrated Standards

0030   -      Marathon Public Library Board of Directors

0031   -      Use of Corporate Resources for Election Purposes

Community Services (CS)

0002   -      Access to Community Recreation Facilities & Programs for Persons with Disabilities

0011   -      Municipal Facilities Alcohol Policy

Council (CO)

0001   -      Council Remuneration

0002   -      Council Code of Conduct

0003   -      Student Councillor Policy

0005   -      CAO Performance Appraisal Policy

0008   -      Council-Staff Protocols

0009   -      Pregnancy & Parental Leave for Members of Council

Emergency Services (ES)

203     -      Health & Safety Policy

Finance (FI)

0002   -      Entering into Lease Agreements

0003   -      Travel Expenses for Staff & Members of Council

0005   -      Tax Collection Policy

0010   -      Tangible Capital Asset Policy

0011   -      Investment Policy

0012   -      Asset Transfer Policy

0014   -      Credit Card Policy

Team Member Services (TMS)

0001   -      Job Training Development

0006   -      Harassment & Violence in the Workplace

0011   -      Hiring & Employment

Joint Health & Safety (JHS)

0001   -      Health & Safety Policy Statement

0016   -      Emergency Evacuation Plan

0026   -      Worksite Health & Safety Workplan

0027   -      Modified Work Program

0034   -      Working Alone

Works & Operations (WO)

0006   -      Waiver of Bag Tag or Fee Requirements

0026   -      Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS)

0033   -      Sewer Backup

0034   -      Water Line Maintenance

To request access to policies or general records please complete the Request for Access to General Records/Documents Form.

Please allow 2-4 business days for the processing of your request.

For more information or if you have any questions relating to by-laws please contact us.

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