The Marathon Arena is the proud home to the Marathon Mercs Minor hockey teams and Marathon Figure Skating Club.
Practices, tournaments and shows run throughout the ice season, as well as public skating, special events and ice rentals.
All organizations and individuals are welcome. 

Regular Ice Season ends on Sunday, March 31st

Public Skating Annual Pass                          Shinny/Hockey Annual Pass                       All Access Annual Pass

General Ice Usage Guidelines
  • Times and dates are subject to change without notice.
  • We strongly recommend the use of a proper-fitting, CSA approved hockey helmet with a face mask for all age groups.
  • No food or beverage allowed on the ice. 
  • No hockey sticks/pucks on the ice during public skating.
  • Strollers are permitted on the ice-Rink attendant should be notified first. 
  • Respect all skaters and staff on and off the ice. 
  • Shinny Hockey requires CSA Helmet, Hockey Gloves, Skates and stick (Minimum)-Full equipment is encouraged and permitted. 
Shinny Hockey Schedule 

Youth Shinny

Wednesday 3:25-4:25pm U15/U18

Thursday 3:25-4:25pm U11/U13

Friday 3:25-4:25pm  Family


Saturday 6:05-7:25pm (every second Saturday) *see Community Calendar for schedule

Adult Shinny

Monday 12:05-12:55pm

Wednesday 12:05-12:55pm

Friday 8:05-8:55pm


Saturday 7:35-8:55pm (every second Saturday) *see Community Calendar for schedule

*All players attending Shinny must purchase punch pass or annual pass prior to attending scheduled ice times. 

*Goalies must wear all equipment on the ice. 

Requirements for Shinny Ice:
CSA approved helmet, skates, hockey gloves and stick must be worn at all times. Full equipment is encouraged and permitted based on preference.

Public Skating Schedule 
Monday & Wednesday 10:35-11:55am *FREE*

Afternoon/Weekend Skating- Punch passes/Annual Pass must be purchased before attending. 

Monday 3:25-4:25pm 

Friday 6:05-6:55pm 

Saturday 2:05-3:55pm 

Sunday 2:05-3:55pm 

Requirements for Public Skating:
CSA approved helmet is strongly recommended for all age groups, specifically under 8 years of age. 
Fees & Charges for Shinny/Public Skating 
Annual Passes: 
Individual Annual Public Skating Pass: $30.00
Family Annual Public Skating Pass: $65.00
Individual Annual Shinny/Drop-In Hockey Pass: $62.50
Individual Annual Skating and Shinny Pass: $82.50

Punch Passes:
Individual Public Skate- 8 Punch Pass: $15.00
Family Public Skate- 8 Punch Pass: $32.20
Shinny/Drop-In Hockey- 8 Punch Pass: $31.25


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