Supply and Treatment

Wells (5)

2 – 1954, Max. Capacity 22.7 l/sec, 30 h.p., Na chlorination

3 – 1963, Max. Capacity 19.25 l/sec,30 h.p., Na chlorination

4 – 1984, Max. Capacity 26.5 l/sec, 40 h.p., Na chlorination

5 – 1984, Max. Capacity 26.5 l/sec, 40 h.p., Na chlorination

6 – 1990, Max. Capacity 32 l/sec, 40 h.p., Na chlorination

Booster Stations

I.P. Booster Station – Golf Course and Industrial Park

Penn Lake Heights B. Station – Penn Lake Heights Subdivision


Capacity – 4950 cubic meters

* Used to balance system pressure, regulate pump and provide water during power outage

Water Quality Monitoring

Weekly bacteriological sampling

Regular physical/chemical sampling

On-line turbidity, chlorine residual monitoring

Annual lead testing

All storage facilities and drinking water systems are covered and secure.

No non-compliance and adverse results recorded in last inspection reports.

Operators (Northern Water Inc.)

Production Class III – 2

Reporting and Corrective Actions

Alarm systems installed

Qualified persons promptly dispatched when an alarm sounded


7,125 m of Cast Iron pipe

18,439 m of Ductile Iron pipe

2,435 m High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

3,933 m of PVC

255 m of Steel Piping

1,379 residential and 142 commercial/industrial services

208 fire hydrants

Pressure in distribution system 60-70 psi

Contingency plan for flushing every section of pipe over three year period


1 – Class III distribution

1 – Class II distribution

2 – Class I distribution

Operation plans and contingency plans and procedures are in place

Logbooks for record keeping, identification for responsibilities for who is serving as Operator-in-charge, and complaint sheet are available at Works & Operations Yard

Wastewater System

Treatment Plant

Grit channels (Quantity 2)


Splitter chamber (diverts flow to plant 1 or plant 2)

Plant #1 and #2

  • Aeration Chamber
  • Clarifier
  • Sludge holding tank

Sludge Press (25 to 30% solids)

Contact Chambers (Quantity 2)

Effluent discharge pipe (300m)

Collection System

26 km's of sanitary sewers

550 sanitary manholes

1521 sanitary service connections

4.4 km's of storm sewers

139 storm manholes

93 catch basins

Lift Stations

Evergreen Station – 1.7 mega liters per day

McCullough Station – 1.2 Mega Liters per day

Plans and Reports

Consolidated Water & Wastewater Financial Plan 2020-2026

Drinking Water Quality Management System

Water System Annual MOE Inspection 2023-24 Report

2023 Annual Drinking Water Report

2023 Wastewater Treatment Plant Report

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