The following information has been provided to assist anyone interested in applying for membership in the Marathon Volunteer Fire Department.

Qualification Criteria

  • Minimum of 18 years of age
  • Physically fit
  • Successfully completed Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Hold valid Ontario Drivers License (Class “DZ” preferred)
  • Willing to abide by rules and policies outlined by the Marathon Emergency Services Department

Application Process

Application Review

The application review process will be undertaken by the Chief and the other Senior Firefighters of the Hiring Committee, with the intention of short listing the applicants for interviews. References will be checked. All applications will be kept on file for one year. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified.

Interview Process

The interview process will be conducted by the Chief and two other senior firefighters. The Deputy will record the responses. It will involve questions to be directed to the applicant. It will also provide any additional information the applicant may want to add.

Practical Exercise

Prior to being considered for appointment to the department, applicants may be asked to perform a practical exercise wearing turnout gear, which may include, but is not limited to:

  • Donning breathing apparatus, and in positive pressure mode, walking to the end of street and back.
  • With breathing apparatus donned, climb ladder provided, get onto roof and then return to ground level (a resident firefighter will follow the person up and down the ladder).
  • While wearing a mask blocked to restrict visibility, navigate a maze set up in the conference room, complete a left hand primary search of the room on your hands and knees (hint: maintain contact with the wall; this will be your guideline), and then exit through the door in which you entered.

Attending Review Process

Members of the Hiring Committee will review applicants and make the final selection.

For more information on the process or to inquire about joining the Volunteer Fire Department please contact our Fire Chief.

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