The Town of Marathon is ready to protect the community during an emergency. The Town's emergency plans and programs meet provincial regulations. We also partner with local first responders, health organizations, social services, utilities and volunteer groups, to ensure that Marathon is prepared.

The Town of Marathon's Emergency Plan prepares our community in many ways, including:

  • Designating a Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC), an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and an alternate EOC
  • Forming a Community Emergency Management Program Committee
  • Publishing an approved Community Emergency Plan
  • Developing appropriate community emergency response capability
  • Developing and implementing public awareness and education programs about public safety and public preparedness for emergencies
  • Identifying individuals to act as community emergency information staff
  • Completing annual training and exercises
  • Reviewing the plan annually to ensure its effectiveness

For questions relating to the Emergency Plan contact the Community Emergency Coordinator.

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