The Marathon Arena is home to the Marathon Mercs Minor hockey teams, and Marathon Figure Skating Club. Practices, tournaments and shows run throughout the ice season, as well as public skating, special events and ice rentals. All organizations and individuals are welcome.

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COVID-19 Information

The following resources, guidelines, and recommendation were used in the development of this guideline:

The Town of Marathon continues to monitor and adapt to the guidelines and recommendations of the Thunder Bay District Health Unit, Province of Ontario and Federal Government. Our operating guidelines may be adjusted and/or changed as required at any time.

General Arena Guidelines
  • Participants/parents/guardians/coaches/instructors/team officials/on and off-ice officials will be required to complete a self-screening check before entering the facility. If you are feeling unwell, have symptoms of COVID-19, are waiting for a COVID-19 result, or have been in contact with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive for COVID-19, you will not be permitted to enter the facility. These procedures will be posted as you enter the facility.
  • Participants/parents/guardians/coaches/instructors/team officials/off-ice officials must practice physical distancing of 2 meters (6 feet).
  • Participants/parents/guardians/coaches/instructors/team officials/on and off-ice officials must sanitize hands upon entering and exiting the facility. Frequent hand washing and sanitizing while in the facility is highly recommended.
  • Participants/parents/guardians/coaches/instructors/on and off-ice officials must follow traffic flow and spacing instructions that are clearly marked with stickers and signs.
  • Masks must be worn in the lobby and seating area by all facility users.
  • Participants must come to the arena dressed and ready to play/skate. Skates, helmets and gloves can be put on upon arrival at the bleachers. Face masks can be removed when helmets are put on and must be put back on once helmets are removed. Hockey goalies are permitted to put on their chest protectors and goalie pads on in the arena.
  • If accessing a child or youth program, only 1 parent/guardian per child will be permitted to enter the building. Siblings will not be allowed to accompany the 1 parent/guardian.
  • Participants must have their own clearly marked water bottles.
  • The sharing of equipment or sticks is not permitted.
  • The user group or ice renter will be responsible for screening participants and tracking attendance and contact information using templates provided by the Town for all players/coaches/team officials/on and off-ice officials.
  • Frequently touched surfaces and public washrooms are cleaned and sanitized regularly by Town of Marathon staff.
  • At this time dressing rooms and showers will be closed for use.
  • At this time spectators will not be allowed in the facility to watch events.
  • No gathering or loitering in parking areas or public areas before, during, or after your activity.
  • Water fountains and canteen are not available.
General Ice Usage Guidelines
  • A maximum of 20 skaters/players will be allowed on the ice at any time (plus coaches).
  • Participants are to arrive at the facility no more than 15 minutes before their designated ice time.
  • No spitting on the bench or on the ice will be permitted.
  • Players are not allowed to take their helmets or gloves off while on the ice.
  • There will be no shaking of hands at anytime before or after any game.
  • There will be no ‘contact or battle drills’ practiced. Only skill drills are permitted.
  • Players/skaters on-ice behavior is the responsibility of the coach/instructor.
  • Participants are to leave the facility promptly (within 10 minutes) after their designated ice time.
On and Off-ice Officials
  • Referees/linesmen/scorekeepers will be allowed to enter the facility 15 minutes before game start.
  • Referees/linesman must come to the arena dressed and ready to officiate. The official’s room will be provided for use.
  • Only 1 scorekeeper will be allowed in timekeeping box.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in contract cancellation and removal from the facility. The Town of Marathon reserves this right at all times.

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