Ignite Marathon's Young Professionals Network is a sub-committee of the Marathon & District Chamber of Commerce that is greatly focused on the retention and attraction of young professionals to our community.

Ignite is a diverse group that welcomes anyone in the 19-40 age demographic to “Ignite” their Social Side, Community Pride and Professional Stride. We:

  • Encourage opportunities to engage in the community by linking you to community events / activities in order for you to expand your personal and professional networks and to “Ignite your Social Side”
  • Encourage volunteerism / civic engagement through opportunities to take part in various community initiatives / volunteer groups that will “Ignite your Community Pride”
  • Encourage participation / ways to connect you to opportunities for personal / professional development and mentorship in order to help you realize your goals and to “Ignite your Professional Stride”

Contact Marathon Chamber of Commerce for more information.

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