Marathon Town Finances

The Finance Department is responsible for the Town's financial operations and for the maintenance of the financial records. These responsibilities include budgets, financial reporting, tax and water billings / collections, as well as the payment and collection of trade accounts.

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Chuck Verbo
Finance & Administration Manager/Treasurer
Phone: (807)229-1340 x2231
Fax: (807)229-1999
E-mail: marathon%23ca|treasurer

Lee-Ann Kraan
Accounts Payable/Benefits Clerk
Phone: (807)229-1340 x2232
Fax: (807)229-1999
E-mail: marathon%23ca|payable 

Lorie Wall
Payroll/Accounts Clerk
Phone: (807)229-1340 x2233
Fax: (807)229-1999
E-mail:  marathon%23ca|payroll

Serena Goodchild
Administration/Community Services Executive Assistant
Phone: (807)229-1340 x2237
Fax: (807)229-1999
E-mail: marathon%23ca|adminsecretary

Janet Clark
Finance/Emergency Services Executive Assistant
Phone: (807)229-1340 x2236
Fax: (807)229-1999
E-mail:  marathon%23ca|finsecretary