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Pebble Beach Lagoon Trail

Length 3 km (One Way), Intermediate

Pebble Beach

The trail from Pebble Beach starts off difficult but soon becomes easier. Pebble Beach is made of large rocks which are very tough and slippery to walk across. Once you get past the rocks the beach is much easier to walk on. Further along the beach there are the flat rounded rocks that are part of the Lagoon.

The Lagoon

The Lagoon is a natural land formation on the shore of Lake Superior.  Thousands of years of erosion from Superior’s mighty waves crashing the shore resulted in spectacular rounded rocks that stretch out along the lagoon.  Bald eagles and hawks can be seen soaring along the coast. This moderate level hiking trail will lead you to one of Superior’s most amazing shores.

The Lagoon

Trail MapClick here to view/download PDF trail map.

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