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Carden Cove to Sturdee Cove

Voyageur Trail (North Section):

Approximately 1.8 km, Easy to Moderate

Carden Cove From Neuve Chapelle Point

This trail can be accessed from the boat launch or by vehicle on Carden Cove Road. Carden Cove Beach is an easy walk along the sandy beach. Located at the end of Carden Cove Beach, there are two trails going in a fork.


Beatty Cove


The first trail goes right and leads past an access point to the east end of Beatty Cove and ends at the mouth of Angler Creek and Sturdee Cove.

Approximately 500 m along the trail there is a short access point to Beatty Cove.


Sturdee Cove


The Trail continues on past the access point to Beatty Cove and goes behind the shoreline, and leads to the southwest point of Sturdee Cove at the mouth of Angler Creek.


Neuve Chapelle Point Loop, Approximately < 1.0 km, Easy To Moderate

Neuve Chapelle Point Trail

The other trail is a side loop over Neuve Chapelle Point. This trail goes left and leads to the south end of Beatty Cove. This trail connects to the trail at the north side of Beatty Cove heading to Sturdee Cove.

A section of the trail is walking along the shoreline rocks and leads to three large rocks with paths to walk between them to the shoreline.

Carden Cove Map

Trail MapClick here to view/download PDF trail map.


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