Maps / GIS

The Town of Marathon's public Geographic Information System (GIS) viewer has been launched!  Currently only base data such as roads and parcels are showing but more layers will be added as they become available.

We also have the following maps available for your convenience - to view these maps you will require Adobe Reader©.


Firearm Discharge Boundary

Four Seasons to Enjoy Brochure

All Hiking Trails in Marathon

Hawks Ridge Trail 

Voyageur Trail (North Section): Boat Launch to Carden Cove 

Voyageur Trail (North Section): Carden Cove to Sturdee Cove 

Penn Lake Park Trail

Pebbles Beach "The Lagoon" Costal Trail

Voyageur Trail (South Section): Marathon to Heron Bay

Official plan - Land Use Schedules

Penn Lake Park Campsites

Points of Interest


Snow Vehicle By-law  - Schedules

 Waste Collection

 Zoning By-law  - Land Use Schedules