The Crack In The Rock Trail

Inside the "Crack in the Rock"

View from the lookout of the trail.

This trail is one of the most amazing but hidden gems in the area. The Crack in the Rock is located 32.3 km away from the Marathon Visitor Information Center and a few meters west of the Little Pic River. Walking through two huge rock faces is quite the experience. The trail passes by a beaver damn, waterfall and plenty of scenic lookouts on the way to the Crack.

This trail leads off the highway on the west side of the Little Pic River. It is well maintained so the path is well marked and as easy to walk through as possible given the rough terrain. There is a stream to cross but there is a log you can grab on to as you are stepping across the rocks. Most of the trail is going uphill. Once you are finally at the lookout where The Crack in the Rock is, there is a trail that leads you down a bigger opening in the rock face to the railway tracks. This part of the trail has many challenging broken boulders to navigate around.