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Residential Housing

Marathon has an extremely competitively priced housing market. Residential housing is affordable, while offering quality homes and rental units.

In addition, Marathon is a very safe and enjoyable community to live in, and an excellent place to raise a family. View our current housing prices below: 

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Housing Prices

The housing market in Marathon is currently a buyer's market. A large proportion of the houses in Marathon are newer' houses and built within the last 15 20 years. Housing prices in Marathon currently range at the low end from $40,000 (3 bedroom, detached garage) to $85,000 at the high end (3 bedroom, attached garage, large yard).

Housing Characteristics
Total Occupied Private Dwellings 1,630
Number of Owned Dwellings 1,215
Average Monthly Payments for Owner-occupied Dwellings $682
Number of Rented Dwellings 420
Average Gross Monthly Payments for Rented Dwellings $544
Number of Dwellings Constructed Before 1991 1,570
Number of Dwellings Constructed Between 1991 and 2001 60
Average Value of Dwelling $78,041

(Source: Statistics Canada, 2001 Census)

For further assistance or information, please contact the staff of the Economic Development Office at (807) 229-1340 x 2228 or contact us online.


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