The Administration department consists of the Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk, the Deputy Clerk and the Human Resources Manager.

Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk

The Town's Chief Administrative Officer (C.A.O.) directs the overall operation of the Town.  The C.A.O. oversees the five Town departments - Administration, Emergency Services, Finance, Parks & Recreation and Works & Operations.

The Town Clerk is a statutory municipal officer and is appointed by Council.  For the Town of Marathon, The position of Clerk is combined with the duties of the C.A.O.

Daryl Skworchinski - Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk
Tel: (807) 229-1340 extension 2222
Fax: (807) 229-1999
E-mail:  marathon%23ca|cao

Deputy Clerk

The duties of Clerk are assigned by the Municipal Act and other statutes. Additional duties can be and are assigned by Council. Some other responsibilities of the Clerk are:  maintenance of vital statistics for the municipality; taking of affidavits; acting as Chief Returning Officer for Municipal and School Board elections; signing by-laws, contracts, deeds, transfers, leases and other legal documents on behalf of the Municipality; maintaining the Records Management Program; acting as Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator for the Corporation; and overseeing the municipality's insurance & vehicle licensing and property & risk management programs.

The Town Clerk is a municipal officer and is appointed by Council. The Clerk reports to the CAO.  Currently, in the Town of Marathon, the position of Clerk is combined with the duties of the CAO.

Louise Lees - Deputy Clerk
Tel: (807) 229-1340 Ext. 2223
Fax: (807) 229-1999
Email: marathon%23ca|clerk

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Team Member Services

The Organizational Resource Officer is responsible for assisting in employee and union-related issues, the coordination of special projects as assigned, assisting and guiding various task teams as requested and supervision of the employee benefit program.  This position reports directly to the Chief Administrative Officer.

Leah Ritchie
Phone: (807)229-1340  (ext. 2234)
Fax: (807)229-1999

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