The Town of Marathon is embracing and promoting RESPECT.


Our Goal is to take RESPECT to a higher level and to support and promote:

  • awareness of how people should treat one another
  • beliefs and behaviours that recognize the importance of human dignity 
  • leadership to foster respectful behaviour
  • respectful, responsible, and positive use of social media
Definition of Respect: verb; to show regard or consideration for: "to respect someone's rights."

Everyone has a role to play in upholding our Rights and Responsibilities.


  1. Being treated with RESPECT as a basic human right, regardless of : race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, religion, intellectual capacity, body shape, disability, age, family background, parental status, or socio-economic background.
  2. The right to live and work in a dignified and harassment-free environment, which includes:

                                        -The right where all individuals are treated with fairness, dignity and respect.

                                        -The right to work and live in a positive and productive environment.

       3.  The right to seek assistance and expect intervention when disrespected.


  1. Communicate in ways that are positive and respectful, which includes:

                                        - Leading by example and demonstrating behaviour that creates and maintains a respectful workplace &                                            community. All employees and citizens have a role in creating a respectful workplace.

       2.  Treat your coworkers and the public with respect, which includes:

                                         - Treating all people equitably and fairly.

                                         - Supporting your co-workers and the public if they experience harassment or discrimination;                                              you have a responsibility to listen to their concerns.

       3. Speak up when others are disrespected, which includes:

                                         - Being part of the resolution in a manner that contributes to building a healthy, and                                                                         productive workplace/community.                      

                                         - Having a responsibility to call attention to the behaviour and offer suggestions for more respectful behaviour.

Commit to respect. to show you believe in treating everyone equally.